Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me...

I don't normally so this because my mind works in mysterious ways and I can't spell for donkey's... but I don't have time for editing and transfering and hoping I can remember what happened eons ago so I'm putting this down ad lib

Today is my birthday... yeah it's come around again and I should be thankful I'm here to see it. There have been times when I doubted it would be, not that I'm ill or anything just some god awful things happening in our world put a different slant on life and while we are on the subject I can't bare that those who already suffer so much are suffering again, perhaps they have it right the world will end in 2012 not that I believe that! and to prove it I am not going to see 2012 until 2013 so there, oh I meant the MOVIE LOL.

Depression is a funny thing you can be going along ok then wham! I didn't think I was suffering but who'm I kidding. I still can't get over that fact that I will never see my brother who died 3 three years ago again. Every day I think of him and it's as bad as the day he died.
His partner has moved on she has found another man and will be getting married next year, I don't begrudge her heck I'll be going to the wedding but you can't replace a sibling.

Man the rain we have had is unbelievable. Did it rain this much in 1964 when we had the BIG flood Karen? I don't know being only a kid at the time and my memory is getting so bad...yeah, yeah I know I'm older than you but it's only by a few months so there nanananana.
Just to be sure I did go down the river and check out the level - the water was half way up the stop banks so I guess if they weren't there the town would have been flooded but it seemed to me the only people really worried were TV and Radio newscasters who in my opinion used scaremongering tactics to scare the living shite out of the rest of the country enough to have people with family outside of town phoning to make sure everyone living here was okay..we saying questioningly "yeah why, oh you mean that little bit of rain we're having, why that's nothing compared with 1964!"

I remember that flood I blogged about it a couple years back...(I don't seem to be doing that so much lately, blogging that i - and us all sitting on the kitchen table with flood water all around when I think it was me stood up and tipped the rest of the kids into the water...I remember we howled with laughter as the 2 boys came spluttering up soaking wet and not at all amused

Brian had to see the heart specialist who is doing his heart valve replacement operation within the next few weeks this should there be a stop somewhere in there? He, (Brian) was in two minds whether to have to op or not but he (the surgeon) convinced him it would be advisable. After ascertaining Brian wore dentures he told him to get his gums checked out for infection...Really!!! I mean it's pretty obvious he hasn't but oh no he must pay someone to tell him, talk about money for nothing!

We are off over the hill soon for my birthday lunch...we are going to have the best fish and chips in the Bay washed down with ginger beer and I'm shopping to find...wait for it...wait for it...A nose hair trimmer LOL I know, sorry to abuse your perception of me but yes it is for me there you go I'm not too proud to admit I have nasal hair I don't for a minute think I'm the only female to be so afflicted.

Don't you just hate when the "powers that be" change a product without any warning I wrote a blog around 7 years ago about a toothpaste I had used for years that was suddenly gone without any howdedo. This has happened again and again in my experience and recently two items have been removed from circulation here in NZ...oh yes it's the whole country because I emailed and phoned to find out...the first one is the margerine I used because Brian is not supposed to have butter and more importantly for me the wine I have been buying since the last wine I used to buy was discontinued. WHY

Brian is hovering, he does that when he thinks it's time to move...he doesn't come out and say so he just moves back and forth where I can see him so I guess I'll have to get a move on.
Yesterday we bought a set of wirless headphones for him. He is getting hard of hearing and watching TV was a strain; he wanted it loud and I did not. What a life saver Karen, the only fault I have is we spend a silent evening except I insist he take them off during the adverts so I can talk to him.

I expect he likes them because not only can he hear now but I don't disturb him by trying to figure out, out loud what's going on and "WHO" did it LOL...I can't help it my brain speaks aloud anyway gotta go see ya'all later.


Mr Lonely said...

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Nicholas V. said...

Happy Birthday, Bev!
Hoep you have enjoyed the day, many happy returns!

Bee's Blog said...

Belated happy birthday because although it's the 20th here I know it's the 21st by now with you!

I love your newsy Rambles. They are such a good read.

You wouldn't be normal if you didn't think of your brother. Do you think that it would help if you were to speak to a counselor? Grief is a strange thing and sometimes we need help to overcome it. I'm not saying that you should forget it - that's not on option but what I am saying is that the pain should be easier now than it was three years ago. Not that you'd forget - it's just that when someone close dies, life is never the same again and that's what we have to accept. It doesn't mean that we care any less for the person who left us but we do have to let them go.

We are under severe flooding here was well. The rains are here and the Red Cross and other relief organizations are hard at work.

Best that Brian does see the heart specialist. There is a link with gum infections and surgery but without looking it up I cannot remember what it is. Apart from having to spend more money that is!!

I don't like it when things 'disappear' from the shelves. The latest here is a brand of wine so now I have to find an acceptable alternative to drink by the glass whilst I'm cooking, blogging (don't do that much these days although I'm trying - blog here and it automatically transfers to Blogger and FB) etc..... The best product ever that disappeared yonks ago was a thing called "Pretty Feet' - boy did that work! And body Shop is not what it once was either!

I dislike it when they hover. Mine has learned not to! R has a dreadful habit of going into a room, turning everything on that makes a noise (TV/ AC/radio - yes all in one room) and then leaving the room to do the same all over again in another room! And he has selective hearing!!

Nose hairs........'nuff said! Tweezers work!

Glad you enjoyed your fish and chips. Newspaper wrapped or not!

Special birthday hug my friend.