Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Five - 04/09/10

Five things that you rarely or never see anymore....

1. You never see kids playing tennis on the street any more which is not surprising really as traffic has increased 100 fold round here since we used to do it

2. Whatever happened to those little tubs of icecream? someone got it right because there was just the right amount of icecream in them for little people. I mean us kids off course

3. And what I'd do for a decent "wind-up" (mechanical) watch. I'm allergic to digital...really
I am The last time I had a watch which didn't cause irritation was a "Limit" watch in the 70's. I wore it until the gilt wore off (in the 90's) and it began to turn my arm gangrenous LOL No not really.
I still have it, it still goes only NOT on my wrist

4. It's difficult to get a turntable nowadays. The one I have had to be imported from Hong Kong...I don't care and just try getting a replacement stylus I had to get my daughter in England to buy one off Ebay there and post it to me. I should have had her nuy me two

5. Here, you never see policement walking the streets or even riding a bicycle round the town. In fact if you do see one it's unusual enough to comment on even though he may be driving by in a car. Much crime would vanish I'm sure with a real visual presence around town.

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