Friday, March 19, 2010

A Ramble - 20/03/10

Autumn has fallen. The first cold morning of the season turned out to be a scorcher of a day and to date this has been the norm…I can handle this so roll on more of the same because I’m not looking forward to winter. Parts of me have started to ache already. I don’t like when parts ache especially when I’m trying to sleep.
It was younger sisters’ birthday on the 17th. Mum didn’t care for any of the St Patrick type names so sister is named Janice; I could tell you some of the other names she’s been called over the years but that/those are other stories and you never know who’s out there listening LOL
I’m feeling sort of blah today - hang on I’ll repeat that with feeling - BLAH!!! Even it being a Saturday makes no difference. Hopefully cooler days will take some of the stress away. What stress I hear you ask, oh I don‘t know that‘s why I feel BLAH I guess.
Yesterday wasn’t too bad I managed to make Annie Jean’s recipe for Rhubarb Cake which turned out fantastically thank you AJ, just one question, is the topping supposed to run all down the sides and over the bench? there I was with palette knife turning it this way and that trying to stop the drips…It was okay this morning obviously having had time to set :o)
There has been so little rain lately and the garden has past its best, probably because I haven’t watered so often. To tell the truth I haven’t watered in weeks. Why? Ennui I guess, alot of it.
We are having boiled corn beef and carrots, mashed potatoes and silverbeet this evening so this morning I picked the last of the silverbeet to find they were covered in Vine Hopper adults, and young. I hate those pesky things they sucked the life out of my raspberries but luckily they fruited well and I harvested enough to make a few jars of jam and some to give away.
I noticed I had 15 items on my grocery list again this week. Unintentionally for the last few months my list has comprised 15 items. There is no deeper meaning here, after much thought I decided the only reason for it was the size of my paper.
Our supermarket is under new management. Gone is the in-house bakery! and the whole place has undergone a transformation…okay that may be an exaggeration but changes are definitely afoot and I must say there are more frowns a than smiles about the place.
Did I tell you my niece got married? She looked gorgeous off course and I had a little weep, aw gee sniff… here is a pic. I'm the one on the edge with the green top and hubby is behind me.
Max woke me with his barking at 4am the other morning so I jumped up to shout at him through the window. A car was sitting in our drive with the head lights on so I dashed into the kitchen grabbing my glasses on the way, throwing a coat over my nightie and shoving my feet into slippers but by time I got outside the car had gone. I made a fuss over Max you know in “that” voice “who’s a clever boy? you are, oh yes you are, good boy MAx, etc” and went back to bed then at 6am the same thing happened. This time I managed to get outside before he took off. It was an elderly guy from out of town looking for his relative who was at that moment looking out his window next door no doubt wondering what the dogs were barking at.

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