Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tiger Woods

Since being in NZ I have found that very little “real” world news is broadcast here. In fact I get more national and international news from our local radio station. It seems that if it doesn’t affect NZ it’s not worth a mention on national TV unless off course it’s salacious and or involves a “celebrity”.

I can’t deny his celebrity status merits a small mention but what I don’t understand is why the latest update in the Tiger Woods debacle rated the opening spot on the evening news last night.
Is this what gets the public’s juices flowing? Is it about ratings? come on, how much more can they squeeze out and, does anyone care any more?

Personally I don’t know why anyone should be surprised at what happened; it appears women served themselves up to him left right and centre and he would have had to have been a saint not to be tempted. I’m not condoning his behaviour I think he’s an a real A.H. but really, 10 minutes of a half hour news program is a bit over the top don‘t you think.
And why the public apology anyway? It’s not my business and it’s not yours, he fouled on his own doorstep and reaped the consequences…if he needed to say sorry to any one it would be those same people that were there at the conference yesterday but - it should have been in private. The whole thing seemed so contrived.

I hope he gets back in to golf soon. There’s no doubting he is a superstar but it’s unlikely the press will ever leave him alone.
Can’t you just hear their questions 20 years from now.

OK that’s my first and only rant about the situation and if I never hear about Tiger Woods and this particular event again it will be a moment too soon.

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