Friday, January 22, 2010

Weekly Ramble - 23/01/10

I didn’t take this photo of a rainbow over our town, unfortunately I didn’t have my camera but I did see it from the same place. It was truly awesome.

My goodness I don’t think I’ve spent so much time in the company of my siblings since I shared a room with them LOL…
Since the idea of selling shares in our section came up we have lived and breathed ways of coming up with the Readies so we could keep our favourite place (the camp site) in the family.
I won’t go into detail suffice to say cousins of ours who are also part owners want to sell their shares and we want to buy but it’s not so easy when you can’t lay your mitts on the wherewithal Anyway Shhhhhhhhhh, don’t tell anyone but this week we finally managed it…big sighs of relief on both sides I think.

I can’t believe what I’ve just done! Tight wad (me) decided instead of buying a new TV stand to paint the top of the old one black - it was so badly damaged I had to sand the top first.
“BLACK paint in your newly decorated and carpeted front room,” I hear you exclaim!
I KNOW, it’s so dangerous but Brian covered the floor with paper and the walls with some old panels and stood by with a wet rag and a bucket of water LOL not not really
Touch wood I haven’t found a single spot of paint anywhere but where it’s supposed to be. I know what you mean though it’s not like me at all lol!
Man listen to that rain…

You are NOT to eat; creams, puddings, ice-cream or anything fattening until after Leanne’s wedding so just you watch it okay? - That’s me telling myself off LOL.

My niece gets married on the 6th February. It will be a very casual beach/shore/ church (depending on the weather though personally I think it would be cute to have it at this tiny local church)…wedding and although I have the outfit (it’s actually only a skirt and top but “outfit” sounds so posh) I look dumpy in it so a few pounds off will be nice
Would you believe it the sun has come out; it’s still raining but now it’s sunny as well

The other week it was plums in abundance this week it’s beans but why do people not give some of the good stuff or am I being picky? Maybe should I just be thankful they remember me at all LOL.
Personally ( I hate saying that) I would be embarrassed to give people second best produce but then that’s me…beans I now have in the freezer, in jars and in my belly. No more thanks.
It’s been discovered Brian needs either a heart valve replacement or bypass surgery. It’s dependant on the next few tests. Poor guy nearly passed out when they did the treadmill test…I shouldn’t laugh but he thought he didn‘t get breathless on exertion. Oh by the way K he will be having it at Hamilton. Might have to come stay with you??? The pains in his legs are gone…MEN! He wouldn’t go to the doctor in case they found something else wrong with him!

Max is fine and thoroughly spoilt. We let him indoors when there’s thunder as he hates it so much. You can see puzzlement in his eyes when the next day I say NO! you canNOTcome in today. It’s enough to make a weaker being give in but haha I am made of sterner stuff
This photo is of him last night, the toes are mine.

It's raining again, sun's gone in and it's looking dark and mysterious - crikey there goes the thunder again!
LOL Max is demanding entrance catchya later...coming Sweetie
I know I'm such a softy


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Sorry Brian is continuing to have health issues. Best to him.

I knew that dog was going to get spoiled. But, hey, fur kids are great to spoil. such high return for your efforts.

Nicholas V. said...

All the best for Brian! Nowadays, these operations are routine and they make such a difference for patients once they recover.
Glad to see you took all the precautions necessary for painting the TV stand. had you not, paint would have gone everywhere (Murphy said that)!