Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First blog for 2010

I’m not one for resolutions. I used to be but wasn't very good at it so to hell with resolutions. I’m going to live for today, do what pleases me (so long as it hurts no one) and hope to live and tell the tale…sounds great but you’re right it’s not me at all, Anyway enough of that nonsense.

A new year - I’ll call it two thousand and ten - not two zero ten or twenty ten. I don't know what it officially will be.A new baby girl entered the family on the very day (29th December) my brother Leonard died (2007).
It sounds ridiculous I know but it almost seems as if he was instrumental in holding the birth back. Poor Polly’s (the mother) waters broke on the 27th but nothing further happened.
She went into labour on the 28th but the baby failed to appear.
Finally on the 29th the baby all 7lb 11oz of her was safely delivered by C. Section.
We (the family) are over the moon that the 29th December has become a day of celebration instead of one of only sadness - yes it's still very bad.

The proud parents have named the baby Ruby Seren… apparently Seren is Welsh like the mama.
The baby is my grand niece…is that correct? She is my nephew‘s child.

Summer arrived just in time for Christmas which was very nice although I have to say I am getting over spending my Xmases in a caravan - time for some pampering methinks.

Youngest sister broke her ankle a few weeks before Xmas on a cross country hike, (yikes, it’s so dangerous keeping fit) so she was in a cast and unable to go fishing or diving which peeved her off and as I’m not one for getting in over my head we kept each other company on the beach while middle sister dived and cavorted in the waves lol…she’s so at home in the sea that one.

Damn I’ve just sprayed my new carpet. Of course I didn’t meant to! I was aiming at that pesky fly. There’s always one gets in through my defences. Maybe I’m paranoid but until the guarantee has expired I take the booklets that accompany items to heart. One instruction for my new wool carpet says - DO NOT apply fly sprays directly onto carpet…after blotting the excess (there wasn’t that much) I’m left wondering WHY? What can I expect to happen?
Don’t you just hate when “they” include in the instructions dire warnings but no explanations.

DO NOT do this, DO NOT do that. I’d like to see instead something like - DO NOT use on eyelids - or your eyeballs will fall out LOL well at least you would Know.

Everything in the garden is slow this year. Tomatoes which should be ready are still green and the only thing harvestable is Silver Beet.
Thankfully my neighbours are happy to receive anything I send their way - they’re not so good at giving in return but at least they don‘t have wild parties and their kids will soon be old enough to employ - I’m sure Brian will be glad when he no longer has to mow our lawn
Thinking about it though it’s more than likely we won’t be able to afford them LOL
Well that’s that for now, I hope you all have a most awesome New Year and don‘t forget to write.

The top photo is of our fromt garden taken looking towards the road. At that moment a car carrier went pastBrian wants that truck LOL.
In the second photo you can see my Rosemary plant. i have pruned it and now i don't know what to do with it. It produces enough sprigs to supply the whole town when i prune:)
The last photo is off course Silver Beet.


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Nice to see one of your chatty blogs back! And it was a delight to see things green because out my window it is the white of winter.


heatherbelle said...

I don't bother about resolutions either..I'm too good at changing my mind.
Agrees with Jacqui, so nice to see something a little more chatty.
I've spent most of today catching up with blogs, most of which are bitching about themselves or each other..must be the weather.

Bee's Blog said...

Nice to see you here!

I gave up resolutions years ago when I realized I was no good at them!

I am glad that the addition was born on your brother's anniversary. Congratulations to all. Now apart from a birthday celebration you can celebrate Leonard's life in the way that he would have wanted you to.