Sunday, April 4, 2010


We returned from the “city” a few hours ago and I’m tired. I’m tired having travelled a good part of the way there and back with my fingers gripping the armrest and my right foot braced against the floor. My eyes and brain are tired from trying to see the signposts before we flashed past the turnoffs and the crick in my neck is from trying to burrow into the back of my seat LOL Oh and I have a headache!

I’m not saying Brian is a bad driver, it’s other drivers that create the problems. If they are ahead of us he wants to catch them up and travel as close to their bumper as possible then in exasperation pass them as if it’s their fault he is too close.
On the other hand if they are behind us he wants to be as far away as possible from them. Unfortunately the only way to achieve both is keeping his foot flat to the floor. It’s not that he speeds. He usually keeps within the limit, it’s his habit of driving too close to other cars that terrifies me.
This morning I swear I could actually see the eye colour of the driver in front of us.
“Do you want to climb into his boot” I asked quietly…he slowed down slightly.

Luckily there are many places where we can be the only car on the road for miles and in these places he dawdles along quite reasonably and I can relax.

Anyway the reason for our visit to a city hospital was for Brian’s heart tests and the outcome is although he needs heart valve replacement he doesn’t need a bypass.
We stayed 2 nights for free in what they call a “Medi-Hotel” (it’s actually the old nurses home) on the hospital campus, in fact I have to say our room looked as if the nurse had just vacated it LOL.
I forgot how small they were. There was just enough room for 2 single beds and 2 chairs which were squeezed in at the bottom of each bed but at least we had a large window from which we could see the dual carriageway. I KNOW!!! that's just toooo exciting but wait, there's more, not too far way was the helipad - we couldn't see it but we could hear it...ALL...NIGHT!!!

At least we had the TV lounge to ourselves apart from the occassional trainee doctor wandering in to look at us but unfortunately no Channel or SKYTV. Just as well I set our TV to record our favourite TV program while we were away.

The TV presentation of “Jewel in the palace” is nearing its end with all the “baddies” getting their just deserts.
In my opinion the Head Lady got off lightly, she should have been strung up or worse but I won‘t say too much in case I let the cat out of the bag not that I imagine anyone else is watching it.

Who’d have thought Brian and I would be caught up in the trials and tribulations of a 6th century Korean girl. If you want to know what I'm on about you can see it on youtube.

Clocks go back this weekend. Time to put the caravan to bed.

I’m told we need rain. Just who is this we?

Catchya when I get back from the camp.

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