Thursday, September 3, 2009

Weekly Ramble - 04/09/09

If you are going to email me please don’t put “Hi Sweetie” or anything similar in the subject box. The sender of that one was a Sharon. If it was you Sharon, the one I know, OOPS sorry mate but I sent you to spam.
Your unworthy but persistent bedfellows are Rodriquez, Camilla, Dwain and droves of other like minded individuals including Elvira Yang who advertises cheap Viagra. She is almost a regular and if she didn't advertise would probably end up in my In Box for no other reason than she has a cute name

I think most of the names in spam are made up but once in a while they almost get it right that’s when care needs to be exercised and the perfect watch-word?
Vigilance my friends

I peruse my spam folder every now and then because strangely enough, email from one friend in England often ends up there, her name is Rachel, go figure huh!

We have recently had 2 beautiful days of warm sunny weather and I was motivated to get out into the garden, unfortunately I probably over-did it the first day. Serves me right for being such a slug over winter.

Brian had his scan last Friday but would you know it the results weren’t back in time for his appointment with the specialist/surgeon Thursday just gone. Needless to say no decision has been made as to the next stage of treatment.

We were told by the radiologist that she could see gall stones but not how many and where they were in relation to his gall bladder etc. So….we wait.

Last night I finished reading Billy Straight by Jonathan Kellerman.
Billy is a 12 year old runaway who witnesses a brutal murder. Needless to say he is running scared. Police discover he is out there but can’t find him so the victim’s parents put a bounty on Billie’s head and suddenly he is a prize worth killing for.
Who will find him first; his brutish “stepfather,” the safe arms of the law or the murderer who until he sees Billie’s picture in the paper was unaware his crime had been witnessed.
It was a “cracking good read,” as my father would say.

I want cake! Be it rich chocolate or, Victoria sponge with jam and or whipped cream filling, I don‘t care but tomorrow I am going to bake a cake sorry but I haven’t even used the new mixer I bought before Brian was put on a fat free diet.
I made Brian a fat-free fruit cake the other lasts for months!
It should be ok right? no fat, no eggs, no sugar.

Damn UK/NZ exchange rate gets worse and worse…


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Thanks for the book review. I like Kellerman to begin with. Used to like his wife's books better but she is off on a religious bent that I at first found entertaining and educational and I now see as getting more and more heavy handed.

Jonathan Kellerman was getting a tad to extraneous violence for a while, but since you didn't mention that maybe he is back to just thrills and chills.

Gallstones? Don't they have a laser treatment for that these days? I know he will feel better without them. At least that is what I gather from people that have gotten rid of theirs.

Currently going through a Viagra free spam period. And for a while nobody from Nigeria was contacting me about a long lost aunt dying and leaving me a fortune either. The bank of England is currently trying to get a hold of me about unclaimed funds if I will just forward my social security number to them with bank information for a speedy transfer.

The spam filter seems to put them where they belong but it also puts my daily poem from Poem Hunter there too regardless of my efforts to have it otherwise.

Love your weekly sum ups. Hope the news about Brian is good when you finally get it. Don't you hate the wait stuff?

heatherbelle said...

yep...a lot of emails delivered to my box end up deleted without hesitation..sorry to my friends who ended up spammed.

I rather fancied a piece of chocolate cake myself yesterday, thus yesterdays blog on comfort food.
Not a sweet eater most of the time but every now and then I just fancy a bit of something sinful.