Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Five - 5 Pets you would have.

This is from over on Multiply...
"If you could have 5 animals where you live and your circumstances would allowed it and you could afford it what five animals would you like to have as a pet?"

To be honest I'm not a keeper of pets. I enjoy wild life programs because the animals are in their natural environment and not in my space but if I were to choose to keep 5 pets...

1. Lizards. They are fascinating creatures. These in the pic are made of glass isn't that amazing!

2. My favourite animal is the tiger but I wouldn’t want to keep one. Maybe I could have a virtual pet tiger.

3. Goldfish. I used to keep 3 tanks of cold water fish in England. I found keeping and tending fish interesting and watching fish swim back and forth is sort of 3. hypnotic.

4. Alpaca. I’m told you need 2 as they fret if left on their own. They are like tall sheep LOL.

5. Shetland pony. For know other reason than they are small and cute. There you see I’d be an irresponsible pet owner.


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

I used to do the Friday Five when it was going on Y!360. So I think I will do a Friday Five and a Foto Friday a day late on Chats with Charley II

Bee's Blog said...

Aww nice animals.

Lizards - they run wild here.

Like the tigers from a distance.

Goldfish - I kept Koi in the Uk and my electricity bill was very high - the semi indoor pond had a pump and a fountain.

Alpaca? Pretty but no thanks. Unless i have a very large field!

Shetland pony - lovely although ponies on the whole can be vicious especially when they have riders and are out with mounted horses! i know - only too well. A pony hoofed the horse I was riding and my horse bolted!!! On the Yorkshire moors!

My list

Rabbits (not terribly keen on this one but when you have children it's better than a gerbil or hamster!)

heatherbelle said...

Great to see the Friday Five alive and kicking.
Let's see.

I've always been a cat lover...can't remember never having one since I was a child.

I love chooks..and I miss mine.

A cute puppy dog wouldn't go astray. father took the shearing teams away and would bring the occasional lamb home.

and I rather like goats as long as they can be kept out of the garden..

Unfortunately I am now in a rental so all ideas of pets have to be put on hold..however I still have my cat Frazer..