Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Weekly Ramble - 15/08/09

First of all I'd like to say farewell Lilyiris. One of my friends from Yahoo has either blocked me or canceled her account here. She has had personal problems for some time. If anyone has her personal contact details please tell her I wish her all the luck in the world.

Moving smartly on:-
"A mans close encounter with a right whale off the Kapiti Coast north of Wellington on Friday may cost him dearly. Not only did he get ticketed for illegal parking and having an expired car registration, he may be fined for getting too close to the whale.
He said he got so close that at one stage he stood on the whale’s back as it swam under him.
Under the Marine Mammal Protection Act, people cannot be closer than 50 metres from whales, and fines for such breaches can amount to $30,000."
Personally, I hope they make an example of him. Off with his head

"Police say three Chinese tourists who were robbed in the Far North at knife point by men they had stopped to help yesterday are "stunned and shocked" at the incident."
This type of incident is happening way too often in this country. Sometimes I’m ashamed to be a Kiwi.
It seems to me some people think they can do what they like because they imagine they “own” this land. No, don’t go there because I’m not getting into THAT! Argument.

Brian has an appointment for an ultrasound Friday to see if he has gall stones or not.
I hope that’s all it is because I don’t want to think of the alternatives. Also an appointment has come through for him to see a specialist on the 3rd even though we don’t know if he’ll need it. He still has a bit of pain but seems to be managing reasonably well even tho he's not a grin and bare it silently type of fellow
Addendum: Brian arrived home from snooker a while ago in severe pain and went straight to bed. He doesn't want me to call the doctor who did say at the last appointment Brian would have to either bear the pain or if it gets unbearable he should call an ambulance and go to the hospital. I'll let you know tomorrow.

By the way sorry if some of you didn't like my last poem. It was done in rather a hurry and maybe needs more thought by yours truly, or maybe not

At the weekend we collected from my friend Karen a load of stuff for Brian to sell at market. Amongst the stuff were around 60 miniature oil lamps like these: aren't they so cute I'm keeping these 6 clear glass ones a while Karen:)

It’s been beautiful gardening weather lately even though most evenings we've had rain. Spring is here that's for sure.
Talking about weeds, oh weren’t we Anyhow I was weeding the other day when I thought ‘hey! you look edible, maybe we could eat you’ but then I thought, 'don‘t be silly' It wasn’t so long ago I had to ask my sister if it was normal for pistachios to be a greenish colour. I was going to throw them away. Yes I did like them actually.
On my walk with Max I pass mounds of a weed called “Dock” I don’t know what it’s called in other countries but I seem to remember it being used in poultices when I was a kid and cut my foot and I’m sure I’ve heard of Dock soup.
It’s a pity everyone who would know is dead. Yes it really is a pity because I could also find out what happened to the lamb I had as a pet when I was 7. Truthfully? it was more a humongous ram by that time LOL and used to follow me all over including into the house One day it just wasn’t there when I returned home from school…did mum serve it up for Sunday dinner?
I think she did but it would be nice to know for sure.
Also, I‘d like to know if mum ever did find that pillow case.

The story is, I had just finished making the beds (I was around 9) but when I turned around the pillow case, which I swear I put on the bed was gone.
I never saw it again and she blamed me for losing it.
It’s a pity one can’t remember to ask these important questions while people are still alive.

If you could ask what would your question be and who would you ask.


Nicholas V. said...

Hi Kwika. That was a post and a half! I hope Brian's upset is not due to stones. However, nowadays they can do keyhole surgery and hospital stay is minimal with a very fast recovery time.

Those miniature oil lamps remind me of the ones my mother used to collect in the 70s. She gave them to a friend of hers when she admired them, I remember, because she got sick of dusting them!

Off to find you last poem to read...

Bee's Blog said...

I left an answer on this post somewhere? Was it Yahoo?!!!

I am longing to know what Brian has.