Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekly Ramble - 15/09/09

Shew! I’m cream crackered! A few hours in the garden is ok but I really shouldn’t try it all in one hit. Smaller doses is the key in future…will I never learn.
My broad beans got a bit of a battering that last storm we had so goodness know if we’ll get any veggies from them. We might have to rely on Uncle Jim again cheers Uncle Jim.

One good thing to come of it (the garden) I’ve discovered the compost heap has gotten along quite well all winter with the minimum of input from me. It’s a kinda magic

Yesterday my computer went haywire but it seems to be ok now. How would I know if it’s been infected

More news from the specialist/surgeon…he wants Brian to have a MRI scan asap. What exactly does asap mean when we are still awaiting an appointment date. More waiting. More worry.

Brian was bad week last week with back ache and a really bad nose cold. Thank goodness he’s alot better now. Well enough to play a snooker tournament this afternoon.
I had a whole paragraph here but on rereading it sounded a complete jumble of unrelated thoughts - oh hang on that's what a ramble is huh LOL anyway
rambling is okay so long as people can understand you otherwise it just becomes sad and worrying. Am I sad and worrying anyone yet? No? Well give me time LOL.

We bathed the dog this afternoon; he needed it. Poor guy took off round the house soon as he saw the bucket of water. He likes his bath well enough once he’s in the tub; at least he doesn’t struggle while Brian holds his head and I‘m shampooing him, (the dog). He is so snugly clean now. They both are

Brian’s ex has added me as a friend on Facebook! The last word we had from her was threatening and now she wants to be friends? Oh well she always was a bit strange. I was going to snub her but hey life’s too short and she is the mother of his only child even if they don’t communicate. No they haven’t fallen out as such. More like years of mutual neglect I guess.

I just love garage sales and last weekend there were 6, all on one day
I want a huge house where I can display all the lovely things I find. Fortunately we have a very small house so I have to sell most of it.
Last weekend I found a pair of 1971 West German vases. Aren't they lovely.
I have to keep them, at least for a little while. I also I came across the garishly coloured ashtray above signed by Georges Briard and the set of 1976 Hornsea cups and saucers. All in all a successful day.


Nicholas V. said...

I had to laugh about that last comment regarding the vases "I have to keep them, at least for a while". It's a great idea, to buy something, enjoy it for a while and then "pass it on"...

I know what you mean about the garden, Bev, I knackered myself a couple of weeks ago for a whole weekend and I didn't even make a dint in the work it needs...

Best wishes for Brian's health.

Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Love your rambles. I find more and more I enjoy something for a bit and then pass it on for others to enjoy. Sort of have this rotating relationship with the local thrift store. And I get to do all this shopping for very little expense.

Here we are going into winter, and the gardens and flower beds sit waiting for me to "winterize" them.