Friday, August 14, 2009

Weekly Ramble 15/08/09

Brian chose last weekend to be ill. On a day when there were no doctors on duty he developed excruciating abdominal pain.
He was in such pain I thought we might have to call an ambulance but after a 4 hour sleep he was a bit better though pretty weak.

On Monday we visited the doctor who thinks gall stones or fatty deposits are blocking the liver duct. Brian has an ultrasound in about 3 weeks time and until then is on a fat free diet.

I didn’t realise how few foods are fat free. Processed foods are out as are white flour products but he can have skimmed milk.
I know he can have vegetables and fruit but what else? If anyone has any ideas let me know please!

Oh and just 2 weeks ago we bought this cute little kitchen helper for making cakes etc - I haven’t even used it yet lol.

Brian brought in the mail on Friday saying, “I don’t like the look of this there’s a black envelope and it's addressed to us.”
It turned out to be an invitation to my niece’s wedding in February…unusual say the least! or is it just me - oh and the actual invitation was printed on black card so what do you think?

I spent this afternoon re-reading some of my old blogs - the ones I’d transferred over to Yahoo profiles from 360 and it’s put me in a melancholy mood because I don't recognize the person who wrote them. That person had a sense of humour, she saw the ridiculous in every day life and wrote about it. She even made me smile once or twice.
I believe my humorous bone has disappeared and I’m going to have to sit down and do an inventory to see what else might be missing.

As usual we went to the garage sales this morning. At one place the chap was asking $10.00 each for 5 small hardback books written by Barry Crump. “They are collectors items.” He said.
Well, my jaw dropped as I hurriedly replaced the books…Did I miss something? When did Barry Crump become so sort after?
I gave the guy one of my famous looks and moved on.

“How much for this?” I asked and held up a metal candle stick with attached snuff. “That’s a real antique,” he says…“I want $50.00.”
“You’re kidding right! it’s not antique, it’s a reproduction, look it‘s never even been used. It‘s too new looking!” and put it back also.

These antiques too?” I ask. I had picked up a couple of genuine papyrus sheets of Egyptian (tourist type) origin, definitely NOT antique but very prettily hand painted and in good condition.
No he says, I can have them for a couple of dollars. Okay I say and hand over the cash.

Serves you right for being so greedy I think as I wonder if I can get $10.00 each for them on Trademe because oddly enough these papyrus sheets with painted ancient Egyptian scenes are very popular for some reason.

When we were leaving I realised why he was so familiar - he used to have the antiques shop in town a couple years back.

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Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

I think funny bones come back. Creative muses return too if we don't panic when they go missing. We all go through down times when life seems wanting.

Frankly I thought your blog about walking Max (wasn't he suppose to be your husband's dog only) was very cute and humorous at time. Sorry your husband is poorly.

As for fat free Google recipes for that. I find the internet an amazing source for such. But stay away from foods that are "artificially" low in fat because it raises your triglycerides.