Saturday, August 15, 2009

Weekly Ramble - Going to the Dogs

Wow 2 blogs in a row. First time in maybe a year.

The other day I left my house to walk Max at the usual time of 7am even though it looked like rain. Max doesn’t care if it rains or not he just wants to get out there, so I find I am walking all weathers unless it actually is raining. It’s not that I mind getting wet, I don’t. I used to get wet a lot in England usually rolling home from the club without a mac at all hours but that’s okay we were insulated as you can imagine from Yorkshires usually inclement weather.
Ah how I miss the bucket by the bed LOL

Anyway not long into our walk I found this half of a one dollar note lying on the path. We haven’t had paper one dollar notes since oh I don’t know probably 10 years? You probably know Waioeka, enlighten us…anyway it sent me off into the realms of fantasy wondering how it arrived at this point and what is its story in fact so far was I along a certain scenario I almost missed the intersection where earlier some yob had smashed a green beer bottle.
I mention it is green because it’s what first caught my eye and made me bring Max to a dead stop…it amazes me how they can do that, stop on a sixpence almost.
That’s very clever - if we were walking along in the dark one night I might walk over a cliff but he would stop right at the edge - Oh god then I would probably pull him over with me because I have the lead tied to my wrist, yikes!

Further along Max decided the Rottweiler coming towards us on the other side of the road might make a good playfellow even though it was foaming at the mouth and seemed about to sprout horns. He was so excited he almost dragged me into the path of a car - No not really luckily I had control of him but his lead was wrapped round my wrist and little finger and the sudden tug almost made me drop it (the lead) and spout naughty words Luckily the other dog was also under control, well sort of.
He was pulling and barking, and foaming and his owner was shouting “down boy” A-lot LOL. Don't get me wrong I think they are extremely handsome animals and make wonderful pets with the right handling.

I was probably aware of this before but lately I have come to realise that dogs have no notion of the dangers of moving vehicles, bigger dogs or broken glass whatever its colour.
My uncle told me once a dog of his drowned because it dived into a raging river when some kids threw a stick in for it to retrieve…that’s awful don’t you think.

It's amazing how dogs seem to be able to get so close to things they want to pee on. There is a clump of grass situated at the edge of a low ridge and Max has to pee there nearly every time we pass and each time I think oh god he’s going over this time but no he always plops down on to all fours just in time. How cool is THAT!
I googled dogs peeing LOL don't believe how many there are LOL incredible.

I used to hear the expression “you don’t have the sense you were born with” a lot as a kid. I don’t know if it was directed at me because honestly I was quite sensible most of the time Though once I took a dare and climbed the tree but it’s not my fault I couldn’t get down again lol. I did eventually because I’m stubborn so and so.
It’s the one down the “boat-shed” Karen and has almost disappeared now.
The expression comes to mind when I think of Max and that clump of grass.
I tried to pull it out one day and nearly ended up down there myself. Down there ends in a stream...don't want to go there

About 20 minutes into our walk my laces came undone AGAIN! even though I’d double tied them - how does that happen! it's so annoying.
Also how does a piece of grit the size of a grain of sand cause such friction and a blister the size of a small country?

And, and why oh why do rotting animal carcasses hold such an appeal for dogs. Is it a “throw- back” to their wild days I wonder. I have to keep an eye open for them when walking in the more over grown areas down by the river. You never know what’s lurking in the long grass. Thank goodness our morning walk this time was uneventful in that respect.

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