Tuesday, August 4, 2009

10 thought Tuesday or Weekly Ramble

1. Incredibly, because this is the absolute first time it's happened to me, I closed a document without first saving just because I added a page break to my document and forgot I had my 10 Thought Tuesday on page one, so when asked whether or not to save the second document which was some crap I said NO and both pages disappeared into oblivion.
To say I feel like spitting tacks is an understatement

2. Let’s see how much I can remember.
Max needs a bath, he pongs so bad even Brian can’t stand to be near him but there’s an icy wind coming in off the hills and daytime temps don’t rise much above 15C.
We wouldn’t like the little fellow to catch a chill. Anyway he doesn’t seem to mind. Probably thinks he’s the sweetest smelling pooch around.

3. It’s not the same trying to write what’s already been writ. I had got to 10 thoughts too, now I can’t remember what they were.
One of the old ladies I look after informed me she had a fall last week. She is in her 80’s and STILL climbs onto chairs or step ladders to reach things. Fortunately she is ok and her fall had nothing to do with heights.
Seems like she tripped over her dog which by the way is a right pain in the butt. I have visions of arriving one Wednesday (cause that’s the day I go to her) and finding her unconscious or worse!
Some people just don’t realize the affect their actions might have on others.

4. How come when HE wants something, for example, a garage, or porch or deck or, or even a new truck I always end up giving in to his persistence but when it’s me I get “don't you think that’s rather expensive and or extravagant?” All I want is the unused fireplace and hot water cylinder removed from the kitchen/dining room and a gas hot water system installed. There has to be an ulterior motive? Who says okay yes there is - With the area cleared I would be able to take my large china display cabinate out of my bedroom and put it against the freed-up wall.
What better use for a few thousand dollars huh Actually the first quote was $5,000. That took my breath away but I don't want to back down too early LOL

5. Damn my trousers are getting tight, I feel cut in two every time I sit down lol. Too much info? Well sorry this IS 10 thoughts These trousers I’m wearing at the moment are at least 20 years old. They are my gauge. They tell me when I need to cut down and start thinking slim, sigh!

6. Those minced bacon and beef sausage meat burgers I made last night were delicious. We had them with cauliflower cheese which was okay though I would have preferred chips. Unfortunately Brian thought they (burgers) were a tad salty but hey tough titty I will be making them again and soon too.
I guess I’m lucky Brian will eat most things so when I make something he is not keen on (because I do the cooking) he will quite happily have something out of a tin

7. A woman I know has been giving away items from her house. When I ask her why she says she doesn’t need them any more or she needs the space in her cupboards. I told her she could earn a bit a cash by allowing me to sell them on her behalf but she says no.
“It’s nice not to need the extra cash,” I said to her one day but she just shrugged.

I guess some people get a buzz out of giving or maybe it’s a Christian thing but I feel charity begins at home, preferably mine
She’s started on her jewelery now.

8. I’m reading Lee Child - Without Fail. I do like his stories. Every word is necessary. I hate authors who use words just to “fill out” a story. They seem to describe every tiny detail right down to the colour and pattern of the stitching on the curtains

9. Yikes! I had a number 9

10. Anyway the sun is shining and all’s well with the world. Though maybe it’s not going so well for the members of parliament who have been ripping us tax payers
off with their inflated expenses but I’m not going there because…

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