Saturday, August 20, 2011

Yikes 60!!!

Yesterday and the weeks leading up to it my aches and pains have seemed more "in my face" than usual and I had aches in places I didn't even know existed, my back almost gave out twice and to cap it all I think I have gout in my big toes!!! what the heck is THAT all about yes I've been a bit more down lately than usual but today I feel great; the sun is shining and yesterday is over.
Now I'm the first one to say don't wish your time away and we only have one life yadayadaya...but perhaps there is something about age that depresses the one doing the turning LOL you know what I mean right...Yesterday I turned 60 and although I thought I didn't care perhaps subconsciously I did? anyway as I said today is another day and I feel like I could take on the world.

My neice Sarah phoned first thing yesterday to wish her "munti" (it's what our neices and nephews call us aunties and all because Sarah when she was a baby couldn't say aunty) a happy birthday; in the background I could hear her 12 year old daughter playing with the baby. Sarah got the surprise of her life when she became pregnant again after 11 years but true to her nature she took it all in her stride and has already returned to work. I have great respect for that girl she has turned into a wonderfully thoughtful and caring young woman

Man it's been a "parky" winter here, there was another frost this morning; it doesn't keep Max from wanting to go walkies though. That dog is in for a shock come summer, he doesn't know it yet but he'll be back to sleeping outside...yes I do take him walking every morning uless it's raining...I don't mind being wet or being cold but I hate being wet AND cold together in one body. He had a sore tummy one night last week and kept me awake all night but (and those of you who might be squeemish should turn away now) next morning his pooh was pure white. I put it down to too many bones...I TOLD Brian he shouldn't let Max have to many bones they are not food... anyhow poor dumpling was okay next morning and we walked as usual.

Friend Karen and her hubby came down for my birthday and we went out for dinner. My food was okay but not hot enough, Brian said his was not worth writing about and Karen said her's was not cooked enough eh Karen Thanks for making the effort by the way much appreciated I wish we had taken a photo or two though. I have hardly used my camera and have to keep going on line to read the manual...why couldn't there have been the full paper manual an online manual is no good when I'm out and about. No doubt I could buy one somewhere.

Whitebait season has started but I'm not going to hold my breath for a feed. Younger sister has been out there with her net and caught 1lb but her family comes first so fingers crossed for later in the season when I might get lucky

I have two days off to do with what I please and it pleases me to do nothing today so on that note I shall say tattybye for now

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