Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Bit of a Ramble with Doughnuts

Funny my blogs aren't being transfered here from Multiply even tho I choose that option!!!

Finally the flowers have opened. They are quite weird; the reproductive organs look like the filaments of an electrical bulb. They must only open at night too as one minute there are buds next thing BOOM
The ash from Chile’s erupting volcano is disrupting NZ air space and more damaging earthquakes have occurred in Christchurch.

Liquefaction is the buzz word these days - it must be horrible.

You should have heard the rain the other night, it sounded like…well I’ve never heard a freight train before but I can imagine this is what it would be like.

I kid you not the noise on the roof was horrendous. Very scary. It sounded like a monster was trying to break into the house.
I know it's stupid but I lay awake listening for breaking windows. Brian slept through…he poor dear wasn’t well all last weekend; he didn’t eat for 2 days and slept all day and no he didn’t see the doctor, he wouldn’t …

Brian’s friend in England phoned, lol that sounds like he only had one friend, not so, anyway it’s always nice to hear from there and coincidentally I received a yesterday from England; it’s from someone I haven’t heard from in years. The death of our mutual friend must have spurred her to make contact.

My printer needs ink but it’s so expensive as to make me wonder whether it’s worth while! however I do need black for documents and thinking on it, it is nice to be able to print out photos when the urge takes you…I guess.

What is it about "Donuts"(USA) - "Doughnuts" (The rest of the world). Almost every crime/mystery book, TV show or movie involving police mention them. Officers and the press use them as bribes or bargaining tools!
It seems for a jammy or chocolate covered donut a detective would do almost anything
Moving on - last night before drawing the curtains I glanced out at a beautiful full moon.
A moonlit sky has a strange appeal don't you thinkmy sign (Leo) must be wrong, I am not a sun worshiper

Max keeps putting his back paw into his mouth and chewing on it. Do you think he is biting his nails or maybe scratching his throat or, or what!!!
Anyway this morning as usual Max wakes me up 6.15 and off we go on our at least half hour walk around the still dim streets until eventually we are walking towards the moon positioned over what used to be known as "Hospital Hill"- these days although the hospital in a delapidated state is still there the hill is now known as Hikutaia Road...perhaps it always was, who knows and or cares, I still call it Hospital hill but I digress...

“WTF (I don’t know what those initials mean but they look good ay) WTF I think to myself, I’m sure it was a full moon last night.”
I’m looking up at the half moon and pondering and wondering if I'm going doolally so when I get home I say to Brian, “wasn’t there a full moon last night?” but he just looks blankly at me so I explain but he looks even more blank lol

“I don’t know,” I say. “Maybe I was mistaken or maybe we slept for a whole month but then wouldn't I be more hungry than I am now huh?” but Brian is eating his toast and just mumbles something about dreaming so I drop the subject.
Later I’m with my client in the shower when she says - how wasn’t it lucky the people down the South Island could still see the Lunar eclipse.

DOH! the penny drops

She’s as excited as I when I tell her I must have seen it too

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