Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Five or as close as I get to a blog this week

This week over at Multiply we had to name Five things that have happened recently either in the news or in your lives that stand out for you in some way...they touch your heart, make you want to throw a fist in the air and go "YES", or maybe just leave you feeling thoughtful.

Here are mine...

1. You know how dogs put their chin on your lap and look up into your eyes begging to be stroked! well I was about to leave the house yesterday when I noticed Max sat in front of an empty chair on the porch with his chin resting as if on a knee gazing up. It made the hair on my neck rise I can tell you.
Did we have a visitor? and if so I wonder who it was.

2. Incidentally and in no way connected my sister’s dog died suddenly this week. She (the dog Trek) was 12 years old and from what sister has said appeared to die in pain. Sister thinks she may have been poisoned but as an autopsy would cost over $800 we will never know. Trek will be missed. She is the only diving dog I know. She would dive for rocks off the bottom of the ocean and deposit them on the beach before going back for more. She loved doing it though it did her teeth no good - And no I do not think Trek came to see Max RIP Trekkles

3. One of my clients has dementia. She’s normally a nice gentle lady with a wicked sense of humour but the other night her husband said she tried to kill him with a knife. She didn’t know who he was. In my opinion she was trying to protect herself from the supposed invader. It’s so sad but off course she didn’t remember the next day and I didn’t remind her, what’s the point in upsetting her.
I have a theory - she has been married twice and I wonder if occasionally she thinks she’s still married to the first one. Who knows.

4. My cooker has finally given up even trying. Only one top element (one of the smallest ones at the back) out of 4 is working so I’ve ordered a new free standing cooker/oven and it arrives Monday YAY!!! Can’t wait to bake a cake actually I can’t wait to be able to use all 4 elements again, not that I do all the time mostly I just use 3.

5. A mother and her 2 year old daughter were murdered this week in their own home. A 24 year old male family friend has been arrested. Somehow this case has shocked me more than any other I‘ve heard about recently. Perhaps it’s because the pair had been lying dead in their house for a week and when they found the mother police thought the little girl had been taken or had run away. It wasn’t until they had searched the house more thoroughly that they found the dead child hidden away. The suspect was wholly trusted by this family so what made him snap.


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Sounds like you had a rather depressing week. Sorry. Could the diving dog have run across some toxic sea life?

Congrats on your new stove. BTW elements can be replaced.

Nicholas V. said...

A touching post, Kwika.
I know how much the death of loved dog can hurt, having experienced it myself. All the more if one suspects that it was poisoned.
We have such monsters living amongst us pretending to be human beings as your last items shows...