Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekly Ramble - 21/09/09

Brian hates painting but bless him he agreed to do the high bits. I’m not going to say what high bits because I still don’t know what to call it. Is it a porch, a veranda, or even a pavilion.

Pavilion:- building outdoor structure: a summer house or other often ornamental building in a park, fair, or garden used for shelter and entertainment. Perhaps not quite but close.

I was in two minds the other day; should I stay and watch Brian paint or go off and leave him to get on with it in peace?
In the end I decided to stay and give him a hand.

Before even taking the lid off a tin of paint I cover as much of my body as is possible even though it makes no difference; paint will always make contact with some part of me however hard I try and avoid it.
No doubt paint and I are mutually attracted to each other, always have been always will be, I totally accept the fact now.

So there I am up a ladder paint brush in one hand and a small pot of paint in the other when from out of no-where I hear a frantic buzzing and zapp! I am struck in the neck by a very angry hornet, (black and yellow striped with a long abdomen.) I guess he decided he had to go from A to B and I was too slow to avoid the collision.

He was caught at my neck, angry as hell and entangled as well.
I tell you I was off that ladder quicker than Harry (who ever he is) and still holding the paint tin and brush…there are some things you just do without thinking, it's amazing.
I didn’t think but dashed straight inside and slapped on an icepack. Luckily I’m not allergic.

I have heard that even if you don’t normally get a reaction from stings it does not mean you will get a non reaction the next time so I was a bit on edge for an hour or so but not enough to not finish the paint job.

Oh and yes I ended up with paint on the back of my hair which I did not discover until after I had been to town later that afternoon and paint on my spectacles frames and left ear - not bad really.

For months the tray of my DVD player has been jammed shut. I’ve Googled, read mountains of information and stuck paper clips aplenty in the little hole at the front all to no avail. Today I’d finally decided I must get a brand new DVD but just to make sure thought, ‘I’ll give Google one more go.’
15 minutes later I came across what I thought must be a joke. One of the replies to “my DVD tray is jammed,” said, “while powering up your computer keep your finger on the eject button and the tray should open.” I did this thinking yeah right! and blow me down it worked and continues to work!

If you dare say, “I already know this,” you are dead ~ and I want to know why you didn’t say so when I was struggling!

We went “over” the hill today to collect Brian’s xrays to take with us when he goes for his MRI scan on the 28th. He also qualifies for travel vouchers and even gets a parking voucher for the hospital car park - wow!

He’s okay, hasn’t had any more pains though that’s probably because he has been eating almost fat free for weeks apart from today when he had pigged out on fish and chips for lunch.

What! Am I his mother!!!


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Thank you so for the DVD/CD advice. My laptop does this trick from time to time - once even defying the paper clip. But luckily it gave up its fight when I did a reboot. But this is good to know in the future.

I am also a paint magnet. I think you have a future in the arts. I generally find that neat artists are not good artists and since you show a tendency to not be neat and also remember what is important in a crisis - save the paint - you would be a natural. Head to your local arts store today.

I have trundled down to the hardware store and to the gallery with paint in some interesting places even when I have made an effort to clean up. I have now decided it is just part of my eccentric personality.

I am allergic to hornets and wasps. Bees no. Ban roll on deodorant (original formula)if you have it there is great for the odd insect sting (including mosquitoes). Applied directly after the incident you will get no redness, soreness or itching. In desperation once I even used it on a wasp sting and did not get my customary reaction.

Happy painting and do consider that career in the arts.

Nicholas V. said...

Hello Bev. I had the same problem with a DVD player and like you I was ready to chuck the thing in the rubbish bin, it was so annoying. It was only a $39.99 DV D player. but up until that time it had performed beautifully. I unplugged the thing to throw it out (plus the trapped DVD!), but then I decided to give it a last chance and plugged it in again. Lo and behold it spat out the DVD...
Never a problem with it since! Must have been the phase of the moon or Mercury in retrograde or something...

I detest painting (walls, that is) so I avoid it like the plague. When I absolutely must do it, I am so careful that I get not a drop of paint on me or the floor. Takes me ages to paint, though.

Lucky you didn't get a serious reaction after the hornet sting! And yes, you can get a serious reaction next time if you are allergic. Always a good idea to take good protection when you are painting or are around hornets. How about this?

Kwika said...

LOL wonder how much they cost:)

Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Nicholas V is correct: Unplug works on a lot of things. It is the equivalent of the "reset" button. But some more complex things such as your TV, computer, printers, modem, etc. may require leaving it unplugged for at least five minutes.

Always a good thing to try before tossing it out or throwing it against the wall.

Kwika said...

Yeah did that Jacqui with the PC before today but it did not work with the DVD anyway it works now and that's the main thing. Fingers are uncrossed now.