Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Five - To Do list

It's Friday again.....this week the theme is "To Do" lists....this time of year that list seems pretty long doesn't it? So what's on yours?? Have you managed to mark anything off of it?? Why not share 5 things that are on your list can mix it in with things that you stamped with a big ol' "DONE" if you want! Be sure to leave your link so we can see how much progress you've made! Have a wonderful day and an even better weekend!!!

#1 must be to plant out those vege plants I bought a week ago. They are managing to stay alive but they are looking pretty sad.

#2. Write to my friend in England; she is having a bad time and although I phoned her at Xmas I haven't written but then neither has she.

#3. Get back to the doctor and DEMAND to have a scan and find out what the lump on my back is - I had an xray but "they" couldn't see anything well...HELLO!!! I can still feel it

#4 was to have some mats made out of carpet remnants I have had for over a year but YAY job done

#5. Now when was the last time I baked a cake

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