Thursday, December 17, 2009

Some of you might have seen this rose before, it's beautiful isn't it - unfortunately the time has come for us to part…I didn’t want to do it knowing it would be a painful experience.
It’s a bloody (excuse language) vicious thing however wanting to remain friendly with new neighbours last season - they thought it would be lovely having a rose rambling down their side of the fence - we didn’t prune consequently it has grown into such a almighty tangle that even sparrows can’t find a way through…I only found one abandoned nest.

Why don’t men accept that woman is all knowing and just DO as they are told first time
“Put your gumboots on Brian you know how vicious that rose is,” I called sweetly at his disappearing back but no he waits until he feels the pain and first blood is drawn before limping saddly off for the first-aid kit dripping blood every where only then stopping to put on his gumboots…I wouldn't mind but he passes them everytime he leaves the house!
His legs look like they have been stung by a dozen bees lol, well you have to laugh.
I had the overseers job up the ladder (again!) so kept relatively safe…one or two angry looking scratches across my wrists which actually look worse than they in fact are and one across my cheek, very becoming I don't think

Brian went for his gallstone removal on Tuesday. All went well, he went into the operating room at 8am and was released at 3.30pm - It was a very tiring day for all but not wasted…in one of the numerous magazines I perused was a cool recipe for fried zucchini/courgette which was quite fortuitous as one of my old ladies gave me 3 large ones on Monday - Personally I think they are tasteless slimy things only good for “bulking” out a soup but shhhhh don't tell her :o)

A very strange thing happened Tuesday…I lost my blue comb…actually I only have one comb so the colour is immaterial still it’s nice to have the whole picture, right? And isn't it a huge picture - I don't know how that happened, N-E-way
My last memory of it (the comb) was when we were getting ready to leave the house on Tuesday…I remember picking it up thinking I'll take this with me today and that’s it...Yesterday I searched high and -

OH MY GOD!!! I think I was just rude to Brian’s surgeon.

Do you get call centres phoning you at all times of the day and night? I think our call centres are based in India or China as we get people who can’t speak English properly and as they phone at inconvenient times I can’t be bothered with them so usually say “sorry can’t talk byee,”…well the phone just rang and an Indian voice asked to speak to Brian…there is nothing gets me so riled up as being side stepped for the male of the household…I take it as a personal insult and sexist toboot LOL - I know it’s probably not meant that way but I can’t help it having experienced being talked over as if invisible once.
We had gone in to make wills but you'd think Brian had gone on his own. All questions were addressed to him even though I answered them grrrrrr.

Anyway I said abruptly, “NO he isn’t here can I help you?” and it was only as I was saying the words I realised it was…Dr Palipane. He is such a nice man, very soft spoken and sweet, anway we chatted for a few minutes so I hope he forgave my Big Bad Bear attitude.

As I was going to say - I searched high and low for my comb on Wednesday, in my bag, AGAIN, in the fridge, under the bed, in the pot cupboard (I have been known to put things there) I even looked where the dog’s biscuits are kept then I asked Brian to check my bag, all the same places plus some I might not have thought of - result - a big fat ZERO.

It was my work “DO” last night . I only went because I was bullied; hard to believe huh but I had no real excuse as all the obstacles I put forward were removed; a friend who is also a collegue was also going so I needn’t take the car (she doesn’t drink) and so we spent a pleasant couple of hours; had eats and drinks and were home by 8pm just when I was beginning to enjoy myself too.

Today I was telling one of my ladies about my comb. I decided to go into town to buy a new one because as everyone knows as soon as you buy a replacement for something you have lost you find the old one.
And so it was. As I walked out of the shop to the carpark I opened my bag to put away my new comb and yes you guessed it, there as bright and as blue as can be was my old comb.
I think I said something like “Well blow me down,” or maybe it was, “well, I’ll go to our house,” (Brian would say the latter being a Yorkshire man,) but what I actually said asorry can't repeat it, makes me blush LOL...have a nice Christmas all ye who enter here and don't forget to SMILE:O)


heatherbelle said...

I had a giggle re the blue comb..I lose things on a weekly basis at the moment..most upsetting and frustrating...and they're found in the most perculiar places..I never remeber putting them there.

Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

LOL. Your life is so much more interesting than mine.

BTW I find those large zucchinis everyone gives away good for zucchini bread. You can grate them up without even peeling and use with nuts and raisins to make a delightful noche. And once grated you can seal them into freezer bags in the right amount for more bread and enjoy all winter.