Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Weekly Ramble - 15/10/09

First the good news. Brian won’t be having his gall bladder removed after all. He has a gall stone lodged in the bile duct outside the gall bladder and this requires a different procedure so he is having a scope/probe passed down his throat. A small nick will be made in the wall of the tube allowing the stone to drop through.
Brian almost gagged when the surgeon told him; he has trouble swallowing pills that aren’t capsules.
He won’t be anesthetised though will be “high” enough to not remember much about it so the Dr says.

This Tuesday we got the word (that‘s only just over a week since his scan)…he is having the procedure (E.R.C.P.) on Friday. Luckily B-I-L will go with him to the hospital (it’s a 2hour drive) to drive home…I’m working.
I re-scheduled my workload to accompany Brian yesterday to the “pre-op” assessment which is just as well…he needed an interpreter LOL. The anaesthetist was a very softly spoken Indian gentleman and Brian couldn’t hear or understand him…I TOLD him he was becoming hard of hearing!!!
He (the anaesthetist) picked up the heart murmer we already know about and has referred Brian to see a cardiologist which could be months away depending on his work load.
He only comes around this way once a fortnight!!! I KNOW
My grand-daughter will be 13 this month. Ahhhh 13. Hated it.
As she will eventually get my jewellery I thought I’d send her one of my gold rings. It’s one of the smaller ones. I can’t believe it fit my little finger only 10 years ago now it doesn’t even go over the first knuckle of that same finger.
I’ve always loved gold, it’s my favourite colour for jewellery yep, you can keep your diamonds and emeralds, give me gold every time.
By the way i know it has stones in but it's not that noticable being off course ALOT smaller in real life LOL:o)
I used to wear lots of it all at once but now days I rarely wear more than one chain, three rings including my wedding ring and a pair of earrings. I look at it now and then and sigh…I know, I know how sad is that!
A bit of gardening the other day and my hands were almost cripple. Luckily I managed to drag myself around my home care clients. I try not to show my pain after all they have enough troubles of their own without adding mine.
I’ve accepted another client too…home cares unfortunately still while I can, I will.

Monday or was it Tuesday I went for a hair cut…I don’t know! Sometimes I think I do a better job myself…it always looks ok when they’ve prettied it up with gel and blow drying but when I get home I can see what’s wrong with it. Am I being toooo critical? Oh okay, I give up.
Speaking about creepy crawlies when I arrived at one of my lady clients the other day she was so pleased to see me I thought we’d won the lotto ;o)
She pointed to an upturned newspaper and said, “it’s under there, be careful it’s still alive.
“HUH! Whaaa…aaat is it Mary?” I asked.
“Oh, you know,” she said, “it’s as ugly as sin with long legs and antennae.”
“Okaaaay,” I said as I edged uneasily nearer.
I lifted the corner of the newspaper and there was the biggest ugliest creature you are ever likely to see…I know, I know you have bigger and uglier but this is MY story okay.
It's a Weta, they are incredible looking creatures and are one of New Zealand's most recognisable creepy-crawlies.


Nicholas V. said...

Good news about Brian! He'll be OK, although we men are such wimps when it comes to things medical, aren't we? I've had a gastroscopy for peptic ulcer under sedation and it really isn't all that bad. Hope everything goes well for him.

I am not a jewellery at all and only barely tolerate a wrist watch. However, I appreciate seeing a few pieces of well chosen jewellery on women. I think my favourites are earrings and rings and yes, gold always looks good.

As we all age we begin to make compromises where our bodies and health and physical capabilities are concerned. It came to roost with me the last time I was away when after climbing several flights of stairs in a bit of a hurry I became rather breathless...

The horrible creature looks rather cute to me, but I like froggies and rodents and other such creatures too ;-)

Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Had to Google Weta and of course Wiki was very helpful. Did you know a giant weta can be up to 4 inches long?

It is definitely good news about Brian if not about the weta. But as usual your weekly ramble was a most entertaining read.

Don't worry about the heart murmur. Often these "just discovered" things have been with us since childhood. I had one since scarlet fever as a kid and I constantly get this "did you know" from doctors just before they roll out a list of tests they want to take.

Maybe one of the compromises we should make is not see doctors. They just worry us.

Bee's Blog said...

Great news about Brian. It won't be bad. I am amazed that it's only one stone. I've had more scopes down my throat than I care to remember!

I love gold (and diamonds, and sapphires.....)but my wedding ring is platinum. I almost fell off my chair quite recently when my daughter revealed that she always thought it was silver!! I don't wear so much now either - mainly because one cannot risk getting one's hand chopped off at the wrist to get to the bracelet!!

Hope your granddaughter has a wonderful birthday. Ah teen years! Lots of raging hormones and angst!

Ah age! Catches up with us all.

Looks like a cockroach to me!

Great read.

heatherbelle said...

Wishing Brian the best with his procedure.

As for jewellery..must say I don't wear it. I have never really been one for rings and things but these days any I have in my treasure chest just would not fit over my arthritic knuckles.

and I wouldn't be thirteen again for